How we can support you to achieve Artsmark

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As an Artsmark partner, Orchestras for All can help your school achieve Artsmark through a number of ways. Please contact us at  if you'd like to find out more about our Artsmark offer.

Modulo Programme

The Modulo Programme supports music teachers to establish a small instrumental ensemble in their school or community for students aged 11-18. The programme aims to help music teachers lead a rewarding instrument ensemble for students of any instrument skill level who are keen in take part in music. We provide teachers with bespoke, mixed ability arrangements which cater to all ability levels and instruments, as well as rehearsal plans and resources. Modulos come together twice a year to perform as a large-scale orchestra, regionally and nationally at Modulo Meets.

Find out more about how your school can get involved in the Modulo Programme

Key stage: Three, four, five

Artform: Music – with opportunities for cross arts work

Curriculum links: The Modulo Programme can be used in whole class settings, e.g. providing opportunities for GCSE or BTEC groups to engage in ensemble music-making, particularly those instrumentalists usually excluded from similar activities (e.g. guitarists, pianists, drum kit players)

Learning outcomes: The key aims for the Modulo Programme are:

  • Provide young people and teachers with opportunities to make music that they might not otherwise have
  • Improve young people’s musical skills, confidence and expressiveness
  • Improve young people’s social skills, specifically team-working and confidence
  • Improve young people’s self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Support teachers by giving them high-quality, appropriate resources to run ensembles

Cost: Modulo ensembles are asked to contribute a £250 annual participation fee to the programme, which represents approximately 20% of the overall cost. However, we understand that many schools will not have the budget to cover this contribution. Many schools will pay a reduced contribution, agreed in advance with the Orchestras for All team.

Required resources: We provide all of the music, specially arranged for any group of instruments and instrumentalists of any standard, and can in some circumstances also provide instruments for schools. We provide resources to support with attending the Modulo Meets, e.g. template risk assessments, template letters for parents, travel bursary to cover train fares. We also arrange for musicians from one of our professional orchestral partners to visit the school in advance of the Modulo Meets. Teachers agree to run approximately six rehearsals in advance of each Meet and provide data to support Orchestras for All’s ongoing evaluation of the impact of the programme.

Quality principles:

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation: Modulo is a unique programme bringing high quality music-making to young people often excluded from these opportunities. Working in partnership with professional orchestral partners, we deliver in-school visits and Modulo Meet workshop days to develop young musicians’ musical and ensemble skills. The Modulo Music is specially arranged to meet the varying needs of the young musicians, but retaining the artistic quality of the original.
  2. Being authentic: Modulo responds to the needs of the participating schools, designed by experienced secondary school music teachers with a clear understanding of what is feasible to achieve in under-resourced secondary school music departments.
  3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging: Modulo Music and Modulo Meets are carefully designed to create an inspirational experience of ensemble music-making. We work with experienced workshop leaders and animateurs at each of our Meets.
  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience: Modulo Music is specially created to respond to the needs of the young musicians taking part, including those unused to ensemble music-making opportunities – with note names, guitar tab and other additional guides to support players who find accessing written music more challenging. During the Modulo Meets, our team of orchestral tutors support the young musicians in full and sectional rehearsals.
  5. Actively involving children and young people: As part of the resources sent to schools at the start of each term, and at the Modulo Meets, young people co-create new music inspired by each year’s music. Facilitated by experienced animateurs, young people have the opportunity to bring their own ideas to the new music.
  6. Enabling personal progression: Modulo acts as a stepping stone for young musicians into new opportunities, including existing Music Hub opportunities, other Orchestras for All activities (including the National Orchestra for All) and – through our professional orchestral partners – opportunities to see professional work in action at concerts and engage with learning and participation work offered by our partners.
  7. Developing belonging and ownership: We encourage Modulo leaders to adapt the resources to work for their specific in-school context and the needs of their ensemble. The co-creation element of the resources and the Meets offers the young musicians the opportunity to explore their own ideas and compose their own music. We provide an online space dedicated to young musicians to be able to access the resources in their own time, and a private Facebook group for musicians to share their experiences of taking part in the programme.