Modulo Programme

Shortlisted for Best Musical Initiative at the 2017 Music Teacher Awards

We are now taking applications for the Modulo Programme 2019-20.

For a 20% early-bird discount on the Participation Fee, sign up by 28 October 2019.

What is the Modulo Programme?

Calling all music teachers and community music leaders working with 11-18 year-olds! Give your young musicians the chance to perform as part of a large-scale orchestra on a world class stage.

The programme supports you to establish or develop a small ensemble - a Modulo - of between 4 - 10 young people aged 11-18. The players can be of any instrument skill level or experience - whether tab-reading guitarists, open string players or keyboard players (who we encourage to play on melodicas at our Modulo Meets). We bring everyone together twice a year to rehearse and perform as a large-scale orchestra, supported by a team of professional musicians.

Participating Modulos receive:

  • Differentiated arrangements and bespoke scores to suit all instruments and skill levels

  • A pack of rehearsal plans, activities and resources to get your Modulo started in school

  • Attendance at two Modulo Meets over the year at inspiring performance venues - a regional meet in the spring, and a national meet in the summer.

  • Two in-school masterclass rehearsals with members of our regional artistic partners. In 2019, these were the BBC Philharmonic, City of London Sinfonia, and The LEAP Ensemble.

  • Means-tested access to a travel bursary to support travel to Modulo Meets

  • Email and telephone support from the OFA team

Who does the Modulo Programme?

In short, all sorts, aged 11-18! Groups could include:

  • NQT-led Modulos of a small group of beginner players 

  • Schools with no other music ensemble opportunities

  • Modulos made up of mixed-skill level and instrument style (think guitars and clarinets!)

  • Year 6 / Year 7 feeder school partnerships

  • A community youth group with a wide range of musical experience

How much does it cost?

Where possible, we ask schools to contribute £250 to participating in the programme - this covers one year’s access to this year's and previous years' music and supporting resources, two school masterclass visits, and attendance at two Modulo Meets. However, we're aware that this is prohibitive for some groups' budgets. If this is you, please let us know on the Participation Form! We have ways of supporting you, including through your local music hub and bursary options.

What are the Modulo Meets?

Modulo Meets are a chance for everyone participating in the programme to come together at an inspiring performance venue to rehearse the repertoire, and participate in a creative response workshop. Modulo Meets are led by a team of experienced professional musicians, including our artistic partners, in each instrumental section. 

Previous Modulo Meet venues have included the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Warwick Arts Centre and Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

The day culminates in an informal sharing of work from the day, which parents and school community members are welcome to attend, also streamed live on our Facebook page.

When are the Modulo Meets for the 2019-20 season?

Regional Modulo Meets 2020:
12 March 2020 - West Midlands Modulo Meet, MAC, Birmingham
19 March 2020 - North West Modulo Meet, Z Arts, Manchester
24 March 2020 - London Modulo Meet 1, Cecil Sharp House, London
25 March 2020 - London Modulo Meet 2, Cecil Sharp House, London

National Modulo Meets 2020:
10 July 2019 - National Meet 1, Royal Academy of Music, London
14 July 2019 - National Meet 2, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham

What's happening in Modulo 2019-20?

This year's theme is My Roots, Our Routes, exploring music that underpins human migrations and journeys, alongside the music that defines individual contexts, backgrounds and histories.

Young people will also be involved in an exciting group composition project, celebrating their own musical heritage and journeys. This will happen at the Modulo Meets, facilitated by our team of experience workshop leaders – with the final work premièred at the National Meets.

We've been busy creating some exciting arrangements and resources that we hope all Modulo members will enjoy getting stuck into this autumn. Take a listen here:

This sounds great! How do I join?

You can sign up by completing the participation form here.

When you sign up, we’ll need to know: 

  • Some basic details about you, your Modulo and school or community context. 

  • Roughly which instruments you expect to participate in the programme. This is so we can create a bespoke score for you. It's fine to just give us a rough idea, and all the parts you'll ever need are available on the Modulo online repository!

  • Answers to some baseline questions about your Modulo - no worries if it's too early to answer some of the questions - just tell us what you can! Research and evaluation is key to ensuring the programme meets the needs of all participants, and can continue in the future. 

  • Which Regional and National Meet you'll be attending. Let us know if you have any concerns about this - we can support you with travel and admin such as risk assessments and permission letters

  • Which days and times would work well for an in-school workshop visit

  • If you're able to contribute the £250 participation fee

Once you've completed this, we'll send you your bespoke score, a pack of rehearsal resources and access to our online repository to get you started. 

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