Join the Baton Circle

Orchestras for All is proud of its work over the last five years giving passionate young people opportunities to play despite the challenges they face at home.  We wish to create a foundation of philanthropic support which will enable us to continue to ensure our young people can benefit from being members of the National Orchestra for All, and extend this to hundreds more young people in Modulos across the country.

Members of the Baton Circle form a dedicated group of supporters who are demonstrating their commitment to the young people in OFA, playing their music despite the odds. With your help we can continue to make this possible.

In recognition of the generous and much-valued support from the Circle, members will be offered the opportunity to meet with Marianna Hay, as well as young people in our ensembles and are encouraged to develop a closer relationship OFA whilst supporting its programmes.

Annual membership from £1,200 or £100 a month

With support from the Baton Circle OFA will:

  • Enable 100 young people annually to become members of the National Orchestra for All
  • Create regional pop-up symphony orchestras from 200 Modulo players across the UK
  • Train conductors in how to make sure music is inclusive to all young people regardless of the challenges they face

Baton Circle members will be:

  • Kept informed of all OFA performances in London and around the country
  • Offered opportunities throughout the season to meet our conductors, including Chief Executive and Artistic Director Marianna Hay
  • Have your contribution recognised in programmes and on our website

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