Conductors for Change

Our innovative Conductors for Change programme offers music teachers, music leaders and some of our young OFA members the opportunity to receive training and support, with a particular focus on conducting, arranging and planning rehearsals.

From 2013, OFA has been working specifically with Teach First participants working as music teachers in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country. Workshops led by Artistic Patron and Head of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music Sian Edwards, Artistic Director Marianna Hay and composer-in-residence Danyal Dhondy, have explored conducting techniques, rehearsal planning and delivery and improving general musicianship skills across the cadre of Teach First music teachers.

From Spring 2016, we will be opening up the OFA Conductors for Change workshops to the general public, so as to allow greater access to those interested in improving their skills in setting up, planning and leading music ensembles. Further information will be announced in 2016 on how you can get involved in the programme.

Register your interest via our online form