Meet our musicians

"As an autistic person, I struggled to talk to new people and make friends, but coming to the first NOFA Summer Course back in 2011 gave me the perfect opportunity to meet other people my age with a common interest – music. NOFA has such a valuable impact on everyone involved with it – it’s inspiring because it doesn’t matter where you have come from, what you know or what you can do, there’s a place for you in this orchestra, and you can be a part of something bigger to make amazing music ... It’s given me the confidence to go to university ... I would love to come back and help other NOFA players feel as good about themselves as I do now."

- Sarah, NOFA violinist 2011-2015


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"Friends and family noticed a huge difference in him after his time with NOFA. He stood taller and talked to people about the concert and the course."


"As much as being part of the orchestra has taught me a great deal musically, I believe it has been most beneficial to me as a person."



Ben is 12 years old. He is from Raploch, Stirling – one of the most deprived areas of Scotland. Ben cherishes the new opportunities NOFA has given him – traveling outside of Raploch, visiting new places and meeting new people from across the UK.

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"One word: confidence. I’m just much more confident as a person directly because of NOFA."


"I have wanted to come back every single year because of the thrill and adrenaline pumping feeling I get from the end of course concert."


"It’s not so much 'Get this right' as 'Let's work together and get it right'."


"I learned how to be confident, committed, focused and dedicated."