NOFA Summer Course 2018: Meet Jazmine

In the run up to our launch of the NOFA 2018-2019 season 'WordPlay' with our Summer Course in Leeds, we took some time to check-in with one of our new members (Jazmine a violinist from Dalbeattie), about how she was feeling, and what she was looking forward to!


What instrument do you play? How long have you been playing the Violin?

I play Violin and have been playing since I was 3 years old.


What made you choose that instrument? What is it you like about it in particular?

Mum wanted me to play it! I like it because I get to play in a big section with other people.


Is this the first time you’re taking part with Orchestras for All? How did you hear about Orchestras for All?

This is my first time taking part in the National Orchestra for All. My violin teacher told me about it. Some of her students had played in it last year.


What do you find most fun about playing in an orchestra?

I enjoy playing with other people in an orchestra.


How have you approached your practise? Is there anything you have found challenging?

I have been listening to the music on YouTube to get my head round the pieces. Working out some of the rhythms can be difficult sometimes!


What are you most looking forward to about the summer course? Is there anything you’re worried about?

I am looking forward to staying away from home on the residential in Leeds! I am worried about not being able to play some the music.


What to you want to gain from taking part?

I want to become more confident, both in my violin playing and also generally.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to the concert?

Please come and watch the concert, we’ve all worked really hard. Seeing us all play in the concert might inspire you to learn an instrument!


We can't wait to meet Jazmine and all of the other NOFA members coming along this year. For those of you who are worried about learning all the music or staying away from home, we have an absolutely amazing team of staff, tutors and volunteers all ready to support you to make the most of your time with NOFA. Above all, enjoy yourself!

4pm, Saturday 28  July 2018, The Great Hall, University of Leeds
Join us in Leeds for our concert of new and well-loved music, from Vaughan Williams’
The Lark Ascending and a selection of Opera Choruses, to the première of a new work
for orchestras and spoken word inspired by Benjamin Britten’s Night Mail, and new
arrangements of music inspired by the tonal languages of Africa.

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