Musical Chairs 2018: Meet Harry

In preparation for our 2018 Musical Chairs fundraising event, where brave members of the public will learn a new instrument or dust off an old instrument and join a scratch orchestra for a day in aid of our work with young people with complex lives, we're talking to some of our intrepid musicians about their experiences.

Meet Harry

Harry Grindrod is a filmmaker and photographer based in London, UK. He has worked for many years with British Conde Nast, currently as a Photographic and Video Content Editor, and works as a freelance film maker and photographer internationally. Check out his work at

Harry has done some amazing work for us here at Orchestras for All (including for our NOFA Spring Course in 2017 and our Modulo Programme) and has been inspired to take up the viola for this year's Musical Chairs!

There's still plenty of time for you to join Harry at Musical Chairs 2018 - find out more about the event and sign up for the event here.